108 Fun Activities for Children of All Ages

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Kids of all ages love to do fun stuff whenever possible. Whether that involves playing sports, solving puzzles, watching cartoons, or any other activity that’s entertaining.

We’ve gathered here over 100 activities your little ones can do to enjoy their time, both for indoor and outdoor. This will most likely include several things you haven’t heard of.

Of course, you should try to pick the activities that you believe will be suitable for your kid.

With that said, here is the list:

Indoor Activities for Kids

Let your children have fun at home with these entertaining indoor activities:

1. Jigsaw Puzzle Contest

Run a jigsaw puzzle competition to see who can complete the puzzle faster.

2. Colored Papers

Get colored papers for the child to cut them with scissor into shapes and paste them on a white paper.

3. Sand Drawing

Cover a tray with sand and let the kid write or draw on it with their finger.

4. Science Experiments

Make fun science experiments such as a wooden Ferris wheel or drinking straw roller coaster.

5. Play Dough

Give kids play dough and let their imagination run wild while creating shapes.

6. Story Time

Read a children’s story to the kids and discuss it.

7. Foam Building Blocks

Buy a lot of foam building blocks and run a competition to see how high of a tower the kids can build.

8. Make Pizza

Make a home pizza with the kids help.

9. Card & Board Games

Play a card game like UNO or a board game such as Snakes and Ladders.

10. Puzzle Questions

Run a competition where you ask the kids a puzzle question and give points for the correct answer.

11. Magic Tricks

Teach the kids some magic tricks such as spoon bending.

12. Hide and Seek

Play hide-and-seek at home with a time limit.

child playing hide and seek

13. Paper Airplanes

Create paper airplanes and let the kids fly them.

14. Balloon Animals

Make animals using balloons.

16. Story Telling

Let the children develop a story and tell everyone about it.

15. Spot The Difference

Play some spot-the-difference puzzles.

17. Photo Albums

Make a photo album using existing photos that include the kids.

18. Color Bottles

Bring empty glass bottles and color them through pouring the paint inside.

19. Musical Chairs

Play the musical chairs game.

20. Identify by Touch

Play a game where kids have to know the object through only touching with eyes closed.

21. Photo Story Albums

Make a photo story album by pasting photos of similar objects such as animals or cars.

22. Indoor Exercises

Allow the children to perform exercises at home by following video instructions on YouTube.

23. Educational TV Programs

Watch educational kids programs on TV together at home.

24. Learn New Information

Teach the kids some new information like new words or color additions.

25. Hidden Objects

Hide something that the children like in the house and tell them to find it.

26. Jewellery Activity

Help the kids to make some jewellery such as clay pendants.

27. Cleaning Time

Run a competition for cleaning the house where each child cleans a room and the most tidy one wins.

28. Magnetic Blocks

Bring some magnetic blocks home and let the children play with them.

29. Watch Insects

Put an insect (e.g. ant or bee) inside a bottle and allow the kid to watch its movements and identify its colors.

30. Pretend Play

Ask the children to make you an imagined meal or pretend to check your health.

31. Children Crafts

Engage the kids in fun crafts such as creating a toy camera or DIY building blocks.

32. Draw Around

Put some objects on a white paper and ask the kids to draw a line around them.

33. Obstacle Crossing

Create obstacles across the playroom using thin ropes or wires and ask the kids to pass the room without touching them.

34. Guess the Sound

Ask the children to guess an object through the sound only with their eyes closed.

35. Pictionary Game

Play Pictionary game where the team that guesses the drawing faster earns points.

36. Identify the Family

Bring several family photos then specify a family member name that the kids need to identify in the photo.

37. Cooking Time

Make the kids’ favorite cookies or cupcakes together as a family.

child helping mom to make cookies

38. Objects Hunt

Ask the children to search in the house for objects with a rainbow color in order to create a full rainbow with them.

39. Square Game

Play the square game.

40. Alphabet Game

Ask the child to find all objects in the house that start with a specific letter such as A or C.

41. Tabletop Football

Play tabletop football in two teams.

42. Object Color

Bring objects with different colors and ask the kids to put those of the same color in a separate container.

43. Cup Game

Give all kids equal number of coins or marble balls to throw into a plastic cup and the person that collects the highest quantity wins.

44. Falling Dominoes

Create long rows of dominos to create a fun scene of falling dominoes.

45. Sock Ball Game

Play basketball at home by wrapping socks into balls and throwing them into a bucket.

46. Pass the Ball

Make a circle and pass a ball to each other while music is playing then when the sound stops, the person with the ball is out.

47. Yoga Practice

Teach simple Yoga positions to the kids with the help of printed photos (or videos) including the position name.

48. Music Dance

Turn on some music and encourage the children to dance based on either what they personally like or by imitating some dance moves on YouTube.

49. Simon Says

Play Simon Says game.

50. Name Guessing

Let the child write the name of a family member, friend or teacher on a piece of paper which you need to guess and you can ask for hints.

51. Whisper Game

Sit in a circle and a person whispers something to the one beside them who then whispers to the next individual until it reaches the last person who needs to say it loudly to everyone.

52. Rock Paper Scissors

Play Rock Paper Scissors game and you can do some variations to make it more entertaining.

53. Treasure Hunt

Hide a fun item (i.e. treasure) in the house and give the children papers with hints that leads to the treasure.

54. Cup and Ball

Play the cup-and-ball game where everyone starts at the same time and the first one to finish is the winner.

55. Balls in Bottles

Make a hole in front of some plastic bottles then ask the child to throw balls (made using aluminum foil) toward the bottles to get them inside and the one that achieves the highest number wins.

56. DIY Fishing Game

Make your own fishing game for kids to play at home.

57. Hand Printing

Get some washable paints and allow the children to make handprints at home.

child with color paint on both hands

58. Name Place Animal Thing

Ask the kids to write down things that begin with a specific letter (e.g. A or D) including the name of a person, animal, plant, country and inanimate object, then give points based on who finishes first.

59. Crossword

Get crossword puzzles that are appropriate for children and ask your kid solve them.

60. Animal Sound

Play the sounds of animals (you can use a mobile app) and ask the kid to guess them.

61. Freeze Dance

Play the freeze dance game.

62. Face Drawing

Draw faces on circular objects such as balloons and plastic eggs/balls.

Outdoor Activities for Kids

Get outside and allow your children to enjoy the outdoors with these fun activities:

63. Bounce House

Rent a bouncing house (or buy one if you can afford it) for the kids to jump around and have fun.

64. Zoo Visit

Visit the zoo and talk with the kids about each animal you encounter including their food and habitat.

65. Boat Trip

Go on a boat trip and do some fishing with your child.

66. Sandcastles

Visit the beach and allow the children to play with sand and build sandcastles.

71. Mini Gulf

Get a toy golf set and allow the kids to play outside.

67. Cinema

Visit the cinema and watch a family-friendly movie with the kids.

68. Theme Park

Visit the theme park and do rides together as a family.

69. Ball Sports

Play basketball or baseball in the backyard.

70. Sack Race

Hold a sack race at a garden.

72. Water Fight

Play a water fight game using balloons or water guns.

73. Inflatable Pool

Install an inflatable pool in the backyard and let the kids have fun.

74. Backyard Camp

Make a camp in the backyard and spend some time together including to watch the sky at night.

75. Olympic Games

Play Olympic games in the backyard.

76. Collect Seashells

Go to the beach and collect some seashells.

77. Draw on Rocks

Collect rocks from the beach and let the kids draw on them.

78. Gardening Activity

Plant flowers in the backyard using a gardening tool set.

79. Street Names

Take a walk outside the house and talk with the kids about the street names and the reason for them.

80. Tug of War

Play tug of war game outdoors.

kids playing tug of war

81. Historical Trip

Go on a historical trip including to a museum and educate the children about the place.

82. Memory Match

Print large images of different objects (two each) and use them to play the memory match game outdoors.

83. Chalk Drawing

Make drawings on the floors outdoor using chalk such as the rainbow or space.

84. Maze Games

Create a maze using sticks in the backyard for the kids to solve.

85. Make Bubbles

Make a bubble solution and let the kids blow bubbles outdoors.

86. Carry Toy Eggs

Give each child a toy spoon and ask them to carry toy eggs or balls to basket without dropping them (one each time) and the person with the highest number wins.

87. Fly Kites

Fly kites at the beach or garden.

88. Trunk Crossing

Go to a garden with a long cut trunk and ask each kid to cross it without falling and the one who does it the fastest wins.

89. Balloon Shooting

Throw a balloon into the air and ask the child to shoot it using a toy gun.

90. Catch the Balloon

Throw a balloon high in a random direction and ask the child to catch it before it hits the ground.

91. Toss Rings

Fill an inflatable pool with water and put some toss rings inside which the children needs to collect with their feet only and the person that gets the highest number wins.

92. Tic Tac Toe

Make squares for Tic Tac Toe game using ropes (and X/O by cutting paper) then play the game in the backyard.

93. Flying Disc

Buy some flying discs and visit a park to see who can hit a specific object like a tree or chair.

94. Collect Leaves

Visit the park and ask the kids to collect as many different leaves as possible and the one with the highest number wins.

95. Foam Cubes Game

Divide the kids in two teams and bind a bucket into the back of one person from each team, then the other members need to try to put more foam cubes inside the bucket of the other team in order to win.

96. Pick Your Own

Visit a local ‘pick your own’ farm and allow the kids to collect produce straight from the plant.

97. Bucket Walk

Put buckets faced down close to each other on the garden’s floor then ask the kids to walk on them without touching the floor.

98. Ring Dance

Allow the kids to perform ring dance in the backyard.

children doing ring dance outdoors

99. Water Balloons

Stick water-filled balloons on a board and ask the kids to pop them from a distance by throwing darts.

100. Blackboard Drawing

Install chalkboards on the backyard’s fence and encourage the children to draw on them.

101. Learn at the Supermarket

Go shopping at the supermarket and teach your kid the names of different items and foods.

102. Hopscotch

Allow your kid to play Hopscotch outdoors and ask him to count to the number they landed on before moving to the next.

103. Biking

Visit a nearby garden and allow the children to ride bikes around (and maybe hold a race).

104. Playground Joy

Find a park that has a large public playground and give the children the chance to enjoy their time.

105. Feed Animals

Visit a farm that allows the kids to feed goats, chase chickens, milk cows and ride horses.

106. Trampoline Time

Install a large trampoline in the backyard for the children to jump around and play.

107. Learn about Bugs

Search for different bugs outdoors together and teach the kids about each one.

108. DIY Bowling Set

Make your own bowling set and play with the kids in the backyard.


There you have it, many activities for your young ones to have plenty of fun indoors and outdoors.

We tried to include as many non-generic children’s activities as possible, so you have a better chance of finding new interesting ones to try out.

Of course, not all the activities will be appropriate for your kid. This will ultimately depends on their age and interests.

The list will be updated if we discover new activities that are worth adding. We also welcome any suggestions you might have.

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