An Idea was Born

Back in 2013, our founder came upon some very interesting jigsaw puzzles made from foam at a toy store in the Middle East. Those kids’ puzzles had beautiful designs, vibrant colors, and thick pieces.

He bought one as a gift for his 2-year-old kid and also a few more for some relatives’ children. And they all seemed to like these cute toys, including his own child.  The durability of those puzzles was also quite good. This was to be expected considering they were manufactured in Taiwan, which is known for high quality products.

Toward the end of 2015, it was realized that the US toy market seemed to be pretty much deprived of this kind of beauty, vibrancy and quality, when it comes to children foam products especially floor puzzles.

So, the idea came up to sell foam toys in the US. That vision was born into life and called Premium Joy® brand.

Where we Stand Now

So, here we are now, offering some jigsaw foam puzzles that are made to be of premium value. They even have better designs, colors, and materials than the original puzzles. And there are other foam products available for sale.

This will remain the ongoing mission of the brand; to provide our customers with the highest quality of educational foam toys for the kids. These include jigsaw puzzles, puzzle playmats, building blocks, and many other toys.

The powerful tiger mascot represents our commitment to this mission. And we can almost attest that the little ones will fall in love with this friendly animal!

The premium quality of the products is achieved not just through manufacturing them in Taiwan, but also by:

  1. Working with some of the best manufacturers in Taiwan who are specialized in foam toys, to ensure the highest quality and minimal defects possible.
  2. Using the best raw materials in manufacturing, for better foam resilience and flexibility.
  3. Optimizing the physical properties of the foam during production to improve its durability, including density and hardness.
  4. Making the foam colors highly vibrant and bright for more engagement and entertainment for the children.
  5. Designing the images for the jigsaw puzzles with very interesting details and extremely vibrant colors, to ensure immense fun for the little ones.

One important thing to note; all Premium Joy® products are compliant with the applicable US toy safety regulations. So, you can rest assured when you get any playthings from here for your kids.

Future Plans

We want to really raise the bar on the quality of kids educational toys made from foam.

As the brand name implies, it’s our commitment to maintain a premium quality standard for all the foam toys offered to you including the maximum durability possible. We actually want your little ones to have years and years of fun with the toys, before you (or they) ever decide to buy new ones.

There are already plans to offer more foam toys in the future especially floor puzzles. That’s simply because children do really love those puzzles that have a colorful image.

You can see that our main focus is on foamy products. But it doesn’t mean there won’t be other interesting and educational toys further down the road.

We will also be regularly sharing in the blog some useful and practical information related to parenting and child development.

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