Calculator for Price of Jigsaw Puzzles Per Square Foot

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Even though jigsaw puzzles are typically affordable to purchase, shoppers would probably love to get more value for their money.

Jigsaws come in a variety of sizes which also includes the size of pieces. That’s the reason you can’t merely compare the selling price of two puzzles to conclude which one gives a better deal.

The number that needs to be considered while shopping for jigsaw puzzles in order to get the most value for money is the price per square foot. This value can be calculated by dividing the puzzle price over its area (which is what the calculator here performs).

Based on product data from Amazon, the average price of jigsaw puzzles is about $5.4 per square foot. And the price per ft2 for most puzzles falls somewhere between $3 and $6.

Here is a guide that includes jigsaw puzzle price per square foot along with how cheap it is, as compared to the price of majority of puzzles on the market:

  • < $3 (excellent price that shouldn’t be missed)
  • $3-6 (good price which is within the expected range)
  • $6-8 (okay price that’s slightly above the average)
  • > $8 (high price which should probably be avoided)

You may use the calculator above to find the average price by area for any jigsaw puzzle you’re interested in buying. You just need to input the product price plus the dimensions of assembled puzzle.

Fortunately, the length and width for jigsaw puzzles can be easily found whether you’re shopping in-stores or online. At brick-and-mortar shops, you obviously would look through the packaging label to find the puzzle dimensions. Also, major online retailers including Walmart and Amazon usually list this number for every jigsaw puzzle offered on their platforms.

By the way, it’s worth noting that you typically get the most value for puzzles (and actually most other toys) online when buying those that are sold by the retailers themselves rather than by 3rd parties. Basically, you should be looking for products that indicate something like ‘sold by Amazon’ or ‘shipped and sold by Walmart’.

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