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Calculator for the Solving Time of Jigsaw Puzzles

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You’re probably wondering how long it takes to complete a jigsaw puzzle of a specific size. The above calculator will instantly provide the answer, no matter the quantity of pieces you’re looking for.

We have performed comprehensive research online about how many hours people actually take to solve a puzzle. Then, we plotted the data and added a trend-line that was a great fit. The trend equation is used in the above calculator to compute the puzzle solving time and it’s as follows:

y = 8E-08x2 + 0.0085x

Please note the calculator will accept a puzzle size of 100+ pieces. That’s because smaller puzzles typically take adults less than one hour to do (i.e. no need to calculate).

Also, the calculated time is based on only one individual doing the puzzle. More people will obviously result in less time being needed to assemble the complete puzzle. Additionally, the time provided by the calculator is merely a general estimate as the solving ability can vary significantly between people.

Lastly, here are the solving time ranges for popular puzzle sizes, based on our research:

# Puzzle PiecesSolving Time Range (hrs)

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