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You might occasionally think about buying a new toy for your kid e.g. doll or science kit. But you also probably want to get an idea of the prices on the market before purchasing anything.

There is this post by the Toy Association which mentions that the average retail price of a toy is $10 without any further details. Other articles provide the price of hottest or top toys during the holiday season. This all might be good as an exciting news to read, but it’s not quite useful for shoppers who actually want to buy.

As indicated, there is very little information about the average price of a kids toy and actually nothing when it comes to the price based on the toy category.

That’s why we have performed our own research (using Amazon product data) to find the average price for a number of common toy types. This will be especially helpful during the current coronavirus crisis as most people stay home and shop for products through the internet.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the research results;

Average Toy Price By Type

The research allowed us to get a good idea about the average price for several toy categories. We also included a price range so you know the minimum and maximum cost to anticipate. You can expect to pay something around the following prices for a good quality toy:

#Toy TypeProduct ExamplesAverage PricePrice Range
1Craft Kitsscratch papers and paint kits$11$4-17
2Baby Toysbath toys and musical toys$12$5-20
3Building ToysLego and brain flakes$25$7-40
4DollsBarbie doctor or mermaid doll$16$6-27
5Pretend Playfood sets and medical kits$19$9-33
6Board GamesScrabble and Monopoly Junior$18$9-29
7Electronic Toystoy phones & educational laptops$20$8-35
8Toy Furnituretoy storage and toddler chair$64$19-130
9Math Toysmathlink cubes and pattern blocks$16$9-25
10Science Kitsgeography or chemistry kit$21$9-35
11Novelty Toysfidget spinners and magic kits$10$4-17
12Play Vehiclestoy cars and train sets$17$5-25
13Puppetsmarionettes and hand puppets$18$8-29
14Jigsaw Puzzlesworld map puzzle & jungle puzzle$16$11-20
15Outdoor Toyssports items and water guns$20$7-40
16Stuffed Animalsplush dogs and teddy bears$13$7-20
17Action FiguresDisney or Avengers figures$13$7-20
18Ride-on Toysride-on cars and ponies$56$19-110

As indicated above, the average price of most toy types is between $10-21.

Excluding toy furniture and ride-on toys, the most expensive kids toy are building sets at a $25 average price ($4 higher than the next toy category). This expensive price is probably because of the high number of pieces in many block sets which drives up the cost.

The most expensive type of toy under $50 are building sets, which have an average price of about $25.

The cheapest toys on the market are typically priced at a minimum of $4. And the cheapest type are novelty toys which include things like fidget spinners and magic kits.

One interesting thing to note is that action figures and stuffed animals have the same average price despite the difference in size.

And here is a beautiful chart that illustrates the average prices:

Infographic Showing the Average Price of Various Children Toys

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The Ultimate Average Toy Price

Based on the price data of the different toy categories, the final average price of a child toy comes to be around $14. And the expected price range of a toy in general is $7-20.

The average price of a toy is about $14.

These numbers indicate that the majority of toys are currently not really expensive, and probably affordable for most parents and child educators.

Average Price for more Specific Toy Types

We understand the above toy types could be a bit broad and you may want to be more specific with regards to the average price e.g. the price of teddy bears instead of stuffed animals. Following are the prices of some popular toy sub-types:

Toy Sub-TypeAverage PricePrice Range
kitchen set toys$73$19-160
teddy bears$17$9-27
toy guns$20$9-40
children bikes$120$84-160
baby teethers$7$4-10

Average Toy Price Based on the Brand

You may sometimes want to know the toy price for specific companies such as Legos. Here are some of those prices for popular brands:

Brand ToyAverage PricePrice Range
Barbie dolls$12$6-20
Funko Pop$10$8-12
Lego sets$24$8-48
Play Doh$14$9-20

The Process of Conducting the Research

Amazon is truly a goldmine when it comes to harvesting product data. That’s mainly due to the huge number of items sold on their platform and how organized the categories are. There are also enough toy products inside each category to have a representative sample size for calculating averages. This makes the process of figuring out toy prices faster and much easier.

The main goal here was to find the average price of toys by type based on the product data already available publicly on Amazon.

We first implemented some search filters inside the Toys & Games category on Amazon for 18 different toy categories. This process helps in using more reliable data for the study and it included the following:

  • The ‘Age Range’ was set to ages from birth to 13 years old (to make sure all the products are actually for children)
  • The ‘Avg Customer Review’ was set to 4 stars and more (to make certain all products will be good quality)
  • The ‘Seller’ was set to Amazon (to ensure the toy quality and that there will be no overpriced, under-priced or duplicate products)

We additionally filtered out products with less than 10 reviews to ensure the quality of all toys used in the research.

After the filtering process, each category contained at least 350 products and most have more than 900. The maximum margin of error based on the quantity of product samples used was 5%. This means the data should be representative overall.

At the end, the total number of products used in our study came to be over 13,000.

The following table shows the minimum number of product samples utilized (along with the margin of error) and how many toy categories satisfy that quantity of samples:

# Toy Categories# Product Samples UsedMargin of Error

For each toy category, we found the shortest price range where at least 70% of the product samples fall. This helped in omitting outliers and using more representative data. Then, we used those data points to calculate the average price per toy type.

Lastly, we combined those price data to find the final average price and price range for children toys in general.

It’s worth mentioning that we disregarded the two categories (toy furniture and ride-on toys) from this final calculation since they’re relatively too pricey and would probably skew the results. Nevertheless, the total number of products used at the end was over 9000 which should be more than adequate.

As for finding the prices of the toy sub-types and brand-specific toys; we had to use new data sets (for some of them) in order to have more representative product samples. We followed the same steps as above to figure out the average price and price range of each toy. But the number of product samples we could utilize per toy was fewer than before (100-400).


There you have it, the average price and dominating price range for toys sold on the US market. Hopefully, this will help you out in your future toy purchases for the kids.

To reiterate, the overall average toy price is $14 with an expected price range of $7-20.

Below is the grouping of the different toy categories based on the average price amount (from most expensive to cheapest).

By the way, we have created an online tool that will instantly tell you whether a toy price is good (based on the average price of toy categories above). You can find this toy price checker here.

#Toy CategoriesAverage Price
1toy furniture, ride-on toys$56+
2building toys$25
3dolls, pretend play toys, board games, electronics, math toys, science kits, play vehicles, puppets, jigsaw puzzles, outdoor toys$16-21
4craft kits, baby toys, novelty toys, stuffed animals, action figures$10-13

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