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Kids Ceramic Mug with Cartoon Print


If you’re looking for a cute mug for your child, then look no further. It can’t get any better than a vivid blue color and an adorable tiger cartoon print. The little one will have no choice but to fall in love with this delightful mug.

Just like our toys, the ceramic cup is made to be sturdy and durable.

This mug is excellent for kids who love drinking hot beverages like warm spiced milk.

  • Durable – high quality ceramic mug which is made to last; perfect for children’s warm drinks such as hot chocolate, milk, or lemonade
  • Colorful – base color of the mug is white; has a bright blue color printed all the way on the sides
  • Soft – glossy and smooth surface; shiny look and soft on the hands of little ones who will love it
  • Cute – beautiful and colorful image of a cartoon tiger printed; kids will be happy to have it as a gift
  • Grip – has a big grip which makes it easy to hold; makes the cartoon print visible when holding with right hand
  • Variety – comes in 2 different sizes (11 oz and 15 oz) depending on your needs and what the kids prefer
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