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The founder of Premium Joy (Hassan Alnassir) has been quoted in many websites including some large media outlets like Forbes and Reader’s Digest. Following are some of the most notable placements;

Hassan Alnassir, the founder and CEO of Premium Joy said his company had tried multiple options before choosing Kaspersky for its internet security solution. “I have tried cybersecurity solutions from several popular brands like Norton and McAfee, but they all don’t compare to Kaspersky when it comes to not slowing down the PC,” he said. “I also find Kaspersky’s app interface to be pretty clean and simple to use without any complications whatsoever.”

“One effective way for e-commerce companies to boost sales during the coronavirus pandemic is to offer their products on major online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, not just through a standalone shop. During the current crisis where people stay mostly at home, online orders will generally skyrocket on giant online retailers especially Amazon and you don’t want to miss this opportunity.” Hassan Alnassir – Founder, Premium Joy

Entrepreneurs typically fail not because their businesses fail, but because they lose interest and give up when they don’t see the anticipated results after working for a while, according to Hassan Alnassir, founder and owner of the toy company Premium Joy. “You need something to motivate you to keep going despite any defeat you feel inside while building your business.”

“Supporting your favorite small businesses does not necessarily require you to buy something from them, you could merely refer others to their store. You can significantly assist a small business by sharing the word about them with people you know whenever possible, whether through phone, email, social media or in-person conversations,” Hassan Alnassir, founder and owner of the toy company Premium Joy, tells Reader’s Digest.

One important customer experience KPI that organizations should monitor is repeat customer rate, or repeat purchase rate, according to Hassan Alnassir, a marketing manager at Premium Joy. “When customers are happy with their purchase from your company, they’re obviously more likely to make additional orders in the future,” he said. “A good repeat rate to maintain as a business is around 20 to 40%.”

“Dropbox allows you to save many big business files online … [like] images for products and blog posts, which are typically high resolution and occupy a significant amount of storage space. What I like the most about Dropbox is the ability to easily share business files online, especially through platforms where you can’t send attachments, e.g. HARO.” — Hassan Alnassir, founder of Premium Joy.

Hassan Alnassir, founder and owner of educational toy company Premium Joy, takes a similar approach to remembering his why. “The method I use to get motivated when I feel stuck is simply remembering who I’m ultimately doing all of this for: my child.” “I have a photo of my kid on my work desk, which I’m able to see whenever I need some encouragement to push me forward.”

The challenge for most is knowing what that customer will pay—and mistakes can happen, as Premium Joy toy company founder Hassan Alnassir discovered. When he priced a 36-piece foam puzzle play mat at more than $60, sales were slow. Blaming the mistake on inadequate market research, he significantly boosted sales by breaking down the 36-piece mat product into four smaller products with nine pieces each.

Hassan Alnassir is the founder and owner of the toy company Premium Joy. His idea for an effective event adds on the brand mascot theme. “One effective type of event for retail stores targeting children is to bring an animal mascot for a meet and greet time at their shop.” “Small Businesses should first develop their own mascot character that represents their company through a reputable branding agency. Then create the costume using a company specializing in mascot outfits.”

Founder & owner of Premium Joy, Hassan Alnassir, believes an effective trick for making marketing emails stand out in the inbox is to greet customers using their first name in the subject line, not just the message body. “Customers like receiving personal messages that call them by name, but some of them will only check the email’s subject. Hence, having their first name included there will improve the chance of your message being opened.”

“A convenient way for starting a T-shirt business is to begin with Shopify and add a print-on-demand app to your store. Those drop-shipping companies take care of printing your T-shirt and shipping it directly to the customer when you receive a new order.” – Hassan Alnassir, Founder & Owner, Premium Joy

To bypass any hindering fear of failure, Hassan Alnassir — an entrepreneur and the founder of educational toy company Premium Joy in California — suggests taking risks often. “Performing risky tasks helps to dissolve your fear of making mistakes and allows you to more firmly make up your mind about things when needed.”

Vacations can be expensive, but you can make them far less so, if you plan ahead, says Hassan Alnassir, founder and owner of the children’s toy business, Premium Joy. “To maximize the savings when taking a vacation as an entrepreneur, you should always track the costs for your intended flights and hotels well in advance, and then book the best deals discovered,” Alnassir says.

Hassan Alnassir, founder and owner of the kids toy business Premium Joy says that he’s planning to use Amazon’s discount coupons on Prime Day. Alnassir says that the coupon feature on Amazon helps to entice more sales – both by offering shoppers a good discount, as well as differentiating the product listing in search results because of its eye-catching green ‘badge’ which can’t be missed.

“I utilize PayPal as the payment processor for my ecommerce business because of its dashboard simplicity, lack of monthly charges, instant account approval, easy integration with Shopify, and because it is widely trusted by consumers worldwide. I believe PayPal has a fairly simple web interface, which makes it convenient to manage the payments received from customers and keep track of my transactions online.” — Hassan Alnassir, Premium Joy

Hassan Alnassir, founder and owner of the kids’ toy business Premium Joy: “A convenient way to figure out whether a keyword is relevant for your offerings is to search on Google and check the image results. Based on Google results, a person looking for “foam mat” is likely trying to find flooring for their home while “foam playmat” indicates an evident intention to buy a kid’s play mat.”

“We tend to get absorbed while staring at the television, so it’s unlikely you will make the effort to consistently check the time after starting to watch,” says Hassan Alnassir, founder and owner of Premium Joy. “When you hang a clock on the wall near the TV where it can be seen while watching, you are always reminded of the current time and for how long you have been sitting there.”

“The top customer experience for me was in a Best Buy store, where I genuinely felt they shared my best interest and weren’t concerned about the sale. What blew me away the most was when the employee suggested I check online to see if there was a better deal if I bought directly from the manufacturer instead of Best Buy.” – Hassan Alnassir, Founder & Owner, Premium Joy

Hassan Alnassir, Founder of Premium Joy, says, “I got quite bored from the daily job as an engineer. After several years of service, it felt like a massive waste of my precious time. The working hours were overly long, and I didn’t genuinely love what I was performing. The most attractive alternative to the tedious job which I thought about was establishing my own business and selling products online.

“It’s never good to leave a customer feeling like they’re on their own once in the store,” says Hassan Alnassir, founder of kids toy business Premium Joy. “If you want to build brand loyalty and boost customer satisfaction, your shop personnel should offer assistance whenever they see customers confused or searching for something even without them seeking aid.”

Hassan Alnassir, founder and owner of the kids’ toy business Premium Joy, agrees. He says, “If you want to stay motivated and retain the new year’s resolutions, an effective trick is to always keep the end result in mind. Visualizing the outcome will help push you to keep going and take action toward accomplishing your desire.”

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