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Premium Joy was started initially as a toy business by Hassan Alnassir, a former engineer who got bored with his daily job and wanted to do something more meaningful and enjoyable with his life. The business was later converted to be mainly a blog that provides helpful parenting information and advice.

Hassan has been quoted on many websites including big media outlets like Forbes, Business News Daily, Small Business Trends, and Readers Digest. You can find a few of these media placements below (and more here).

If you’re a journalist or blogger and interested in featuring Hassan (or quoting him) in your next article, feel free to contact him directly using his contact details provided on this page. The topics which will be suitable for Hassan include mainly those related to business, parenting, and self development.

In case you require further media-related assistance, please contact us by email through [email protected]

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Hassan Alnassir is the founder and primary blogger of Premium Joy. He used to work as an engineer but the tedious routine job was not satisfying for him. Some topics he writes about include children’s puzzles, play, and toy prices. He enjoys doing meditation, traveling by plane, and relaxing in nature.

Twitter: @HassanRelaxed
Email: [email protected]

Entrepreneurs typically fail not because their businesses fail, but because they lose interest and give up when they don’t see the anticipated results after working for a while, according to Hassan Alnassir, founder and owner of the toy company Premium Joy. “You need something to motivate you to keep going despite any defeat you feel inside while building your business.”

“Supporting your favorite small businesses does not necessarily require you to buy something from them, you could merely refer others to their store. You can significantly assist a small business by sharing the word about them with people you know whenever possible, whether through phone, email, social media or in-person conversations,” Hassan Alnassir, founder and owner of the toy company Premium Joy, tells Reader’s Digest.

Hassan Alnassir, founder and owner of educational toy company Premium Joy, takes a similar approach to remembering his why. “The method I use to get motivated when I feel stuck is simply remembering who I’m ultimately doing all of this for: my child.” “I have a photo of my kid on my work desk, which I’m able to see whenever I need some encouragement to push me forward.”

Hassan Alnassir is the founder and owner of the toy company Premium Joy. His idea for an effective event adds on the brand mascot theme. “One effective type of event for retail stores targeting children is to bring an animal mascot for a meet and greet time at their shop.” “Small Businesses should first develop their own mascot character that represents their company through a reputable branding agency. Then create the costume using a company specializing in mascot outfits.”

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