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Premium Joy is a blog that offers useful information on child development and educational toys. There are also some toy products available for sale in the online store.

Premium Joy was initially founded in 2017 as a toy company by Hassan Alnassir after getting inspired by his little son. In 2022, the business was essentially converted into a blog, bringing the focus more into providing helpful information rather than selling products. That decision was due to the high increase in manufacturing costs in East Asia where the toys were made.

It’s worth mentioning that Premium Joy has won several toy awards such as Mom’s Choice Award, Creative Child Award and Academics Choice Award. Those awards were received thanks to offering the highest quality of educational foam playthings for children including puzzles and blocks.

Under the Sea Foam Puzzle is perhaps one of the highest quality and most beautiful foam puzzles ever made. Hence, there is only one remaining unit in the online shop and priced at $28,000.

As mentioned, after several years of successfully selling foam toys, Premium Joy is primarily a blog resource for parents currently. The blog touches on topics that are of interest to parents including children’s puzzles, play, learning and toy prices. The main writer for the blog is its founder Hassan Alnassir, who is a parent himself and has a great experience with raising his two children.

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