New Research from Premium Joy Revealed Average Price of Toys

There is a large lack of data around the average toy prices especially when it comes to the pricing per toy type. Because of that, Premium Joy has done a comprehensive research to learn about the average price of 18 various toy categories. The research was performed using data of toy products from Amazon marketplace.

The research findings revealed that the average price of almost all toy types falls in the range between $10-25.

According to the research results, toy furniture and ride-on toys (which are bulky) are the most expensive playthings, followed by building toys (which typically include many pieces per set), followed by all other children toys.

“These average price of toys is quite helpful for parents and child educators who want to buy toys for little ones,” says Hassan Alnassir, founder and owner of Premium Joy. “Our research showed that most types of children playthings available on the US market are not really expensive as you would probably pay on average around $25 maximum for a decent quality toy.”

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