Premium Joy Sold One puzzle Unit at 4 Times its Regular Price

One of the floor puzzles made by Premium Joy was recently sold at a much higher amount than normal (precisely 4-5 times more). This purchase shows how a truly unique children toy that’s highly overpriced can still be sold to customers.

A customer has purchased a kids puzzle (mountain-themed one) sold by Premium Joy company for $99.95, while the regular price was $19.95-24.95. That sale happened because there was only one puzzle unit available for sale at the time. The company raised the price significantly for the last puzzle unit considering it was selling fast. The limited product stock prompted the customer to buy the puzzle quickly despite it being too expensive.

This sale proves that parents (and grandparents) are willing sometimes to pay much more for a truly distinct toy for their little ones, especially when there are limited number of units available. How much a customer will afford to spend on a very expensive toy depends largely on its uniqueness plus their bank account.

The children jigsaw puzzles offered by Premium Joy have a very colorful and gorgeous image design that stands out in the market. They’re also made from foam and there aren’t many foam puzzles offered by other competitors. That uniqueness puts the company in a great position to demand much higher price when the product is low in stock.

“We’re proud to have sold a floor puzzle unit at this very high price, it speaks volumes of the quality and uniqueness of our toys.” says Hassan Alnassir, founder and owner of Premium Joy. “If someone comes upon a unique toy that they would love to get for their kid but it’s running low in stock, they would probably purchase it even when the price is excessive as long as they can afford it.”

Hassan continues “There is a lot of room for creativity when making jigsaw puzzles to sell including the design of image and pieces shape, which makes it easier for you as a company to charge much more than normal and still earn good amount of sales.”

The company hopes to be able to improve their toys further and increase their prices for higher profits.

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