Premium Joy Ran a Funny Video Contest with Toy Prizes

Premium Joy company held a funny video contest for the first time to make something different from their previous competitions. The business goal was soliciting high quality user generated content to be used in marketing. The contest was recently concluded and a few participants who submitted the best videos were chosen as the winners.

Premium Joy company ran a video contest where people needed to submit a funny clip of their child through Facebook. The winners were chosen based on the most funny video submitted for the competition. There were five winners picked in the contest and each will receive $100+ worth of foam building blocks.

The company is planning to include those funny videos of children in a future blog post to boost the online traffic and viewership.

“We previously held a contest that mainly requires online engagement and sharing but thought a video competition will provide something new and more interesting.” says Hassan Alnassir, founder and owner of Premium Joy. “The contest was overall a success as there were several funny videos submitted for entry.” Hassan continues “Those authentic videos make for a great user generated content which can be utilized and be benefited from in content marketing.”

The contest was additionally a great help for some needy families and kids during these difficult times.

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