The Logo of Premium Joy was Redesigned to be a Tiger Mascot

Premium Joy recently redesigned its logo from a generic one to an animal mascot. This was a marketing move to make the brand more unique and stand out in the highly competitive toy market.

When Premium Joy company was launched in March 2017, its logo was generic and not distinguishable from logos of other businesses. After around a year and a half, the company founder (Hassan Alnassir) made the decision to refresh the logo and create something that will stick in the minds of customers. So they hired a reputable branding agency that has a good track record of creating great mascot logos for businesses.

At the end of the logo project, the mascot created was a friendly little tiger that points his finger up. Having its finger pointing upward signifies the ‘top’ quality of the company offerings. An adorable mascot was also perfect for Premium Joy toy brand which mainly targets younger children.

“There are countless logos of businesses out there, which means your company will get lost in the noise if you don’t have a really unique logo that stands out from the crowd.” says Hassan Alnassir, founder and owner of Premium Joy. “This confident and friendly mascot represents the ultimate purpose of our company which is strength (quality) and playfulness (toys).”

The new mascot logo is expected to help significantly in promoting the business and boosting online sales.

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