Here are answers to some common questions you might have regarding the products offered in the store and some basic information about foam toys.

Why are your foam toys expensive?

The prices are relatively high simply because our toys are very high quality compared to what’s commonly available in the US market. Some main factors which you should consider are; the quality of foam material, foam density, and place of manufacture.

What type of foam your toys are made of?

Our toys are manufactured using EVA foam (commonly known also as “EVA rubber”) which is a rubber-like plastic material that has good flexibility and durability. It’s considered safe for kids and doesn’t contain the harmful chemicals BPA or PVC.

How do I clean the foam toys?

You can clean any playthings made from EVA foam using water alone or soup and water as the foam does not absorb liquids (waterproof). We highly recommend doing the cleaning by hand and avoiding to use a dishwasher or any other machine in order to avoid damaging the foam.

Can I use the foam toys outdoors?

All our toys are meant to be used indoors including in the living room, bedroom, and playroom. We highly recommend you avoid placing the toys outdoors or exposing them to the direct sunlight so that they can last longer.

Are foam toys safe for my kids?

Yes, EVA foam toys are safe for children, assuming they’re tested for safety and you follow the age restrictions. All our items are tested to be non-toxic and comply with the US toy safety regulations.

Are your toys guaranteed to last?

All our foam toys are made to be durable and lasting. But as with any other type of toys, they shouldn’t be handled too roughly or abused during play. Also, you need to make sure to limit the products exposure to direct sunlight in order to preserve their colors and sturdiness.

Why should I choose EVA foam toys?

Here are some advantages of the toys made from EVA foam:
1) Waterproof – EVA doesn’t absorb liquids and can be cleaned easily with water or water and soup
2) Shockproof – when thrown or dropped, foam doesn’t get deformed or damaged
3) Quite – you don’t need to worry about noise while kids play with foam playthings
4) Soft – foam is soft to the touch for the little ones, especially those with sensitive skin
5) Safe – foam toys don’t damage the flooring/furniture or cause injury to someone

What age should I buy your toys for?

Our toys are intended for kids aged 3-10 years old. Due to the small parts hazard, they’re not suitable for children less than 3 years especially babies. Based on our experience, the best age for the maximum learning and fun will be 3-6 years.
Basically, the products are good for older toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners, and elementary school students. These playthings can be a great educational gifts for both boys and girls.

What kid activities can I use the toys for?

You can use these educational toys for several activities such as running competitions between kids, teaching children for kindergarten/school, and having a playtime during the day for the family.

Who can benefit from your toys?

Well, the toys are good for anyone who deals with kiddos aged 3-10 years old including parents, grandparents, and teachers. There are also some organizations that can benefit from these playthings such as:
a) Elementary schools and kindergartens
b) Childcare organizations
c) Kids learning centers
d) Pediatrics clinics
e) Special needs institutions
f) Mental health centers
g) Family and social support foundations

Do I get a storage container with the toys?

Yes, most of the toys come with a packaging which you can use for storage such as a plastic bottle or a tote bag. The only exception currently is the floor playmats which come shrink-wrapped.

Where are the toys manufactured?

All our toys are made in Taiwan which is a more developed country compared to China. That’s how we can guarantee the products are of premium quality, with minimum to no defects.

What types of toys do you offer?

We offer different types of educational foam toys including floor puzzles, math manipulatives, building blocks, and puzzle playmats. There are also some non-foamy items available for sale.

What is EVA foam?

EVA foam is a rubber-like plastic material which is soft and flexible. Unlike the commonly known plastics, it’s non-toxic for children as it doesn’t contain any BPA or PVC. It’s commonly used in manufacturing many consumer products including but not limited to shoes, toys, crafts, floorings, and sport equipments.

What are floor puzzles?

Floor puzzles are simply jigsaw puzzles which are meant to be assembled on the floor and doesn’t have a frame to fit into. They are made from either cardboard, foam or wood.

What are math manipulatives?

Math manipulatives are simply physical tools which are meant to teach children the mathematics through hands-on learning. Some examples include color cubes, pattern blocks, and math counters. They can be made of plastic, foam, cardboard, or wood.

When did you start selling toys?

We started the business in March 2017 selling floor puzzles, then later introduced other educational toys. The reason for starting our business is that we noticed back then there weren’t many high quality foam playthings for children in the US market especially puzzles.

Do you ship outside the US?

Yes, our products ship worldwide but the available shipping methods might differ depending on the destination country.

How do I contact you if I have any more questions?

Please feel free to reach us anytime through the email [email protected] and we will do our best to assist you as early as possible. You can also use the mailing address or the contact form which you can find here.

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