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Company Background

Premium Joy is a toy company that offers the highest quality of educational foam playthings for children including puzzles and blocks. The business has been selling foam toys since early 2017. It was founded by Hassan Alnassir through an inspiration by his little child. Premium Joy has won several toy awards such as Mom’s Choice Award and Creative Child Award.

How the company started

Back in 2013, the company founder (Hassan) discovered some very attractive jigsaw foam puzzles at a toy store in the Middle East. Those puzzles were made from high quality foam material and had a gorgeous image design. He bought one for his little kid who was thrilled with the puzzle and significantly enjoyed playing with it. That prompted him to purchase more foam puzzles with different images to provide his child with greater variety and fun.

After around two years, Hassan realized there was no foam puzzle with such quality available on the US market. So, the idea came up to start a toy company and sell foam puzzles in the US. The business was called premium joy to signify the high quality toys that will be offered to customers. The company made some of the most beautiful kids floor puzzles ever especially the one with sea-themed image.

Later on, other foam toys were available for sale including building blocks, puzzle playmats and color cubes. The logo of the company was designed to be an adorable tiger mascot. This mascot logo represents the whole purpose of the business which is strength (quality) and playfulness (toys). In addition, a mascot appeals to little ones and so is an excellent logo for Premium Joy which is ultimately a kids’ toy company.

Toy Awards Won

Premium Joy products are made to be extremely high quality and educational for children. Because of this, the toys have received several notable awards including the following:

  1. Family Choice Award
  2. Creative Child Award for “Puzzle of the Year”
  3. Academics Choice Award for “Brain Toy”
  4. Mom’s Choice Award (golden badge)

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